Rippers: Dead of Night

Jack is Back

Episode 8 (Season 1 Finale: Return of Evil)

London, England
May, 1895


Dear Boss: It’s been a while old chum, but
here I am. I ain’t done. Not by half, in fact, I’m
just getting started.

You heard from me From Hell, but now I’m
back in my old stamping grounds. I am not
alone. My friends will be back too. Watch out
the whole army of Rippers.

I ain’t going to quit ripping til I have my
revenge. You’re all fair game now.

Be seeing you, boss.


Jack the Ripper is feared to have returned after a letter was sent to George Lusk, former chairman of the Whitechapel Vigilance Committee during the original Ripper murders back in 1888.

Later, a note written by Jonathan Harker which included the names of Lady Dare, Maximilian Zabloski, and Vincent Whitaker III was found at the scene of his murder in an alley. The Rippers, accused by Chief Inspector Barnaby Jones of Whitechapel Police Station of being involved in the murder of Jonathan Harker, are drawn into the investigation.

August Dupin II willingly lends his expertise to help the Rippers prove their innocence.

Even the illustrious consulting detective Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street is on the case. He vouches for the Rippers’ innocence but warns the Rippers that he suspects these new killings are part of a plot by his archnemesis Moriarty. He further warns them strongly not to tangle with evil genius.

Mina Harker, distraught by the murder of her husband vows revenge against the Cabal whom she suspects of being involved.

Before leaving the police station, Sherlock Holmes warns the Rippers about being followed by a "Mediterranean fellow, sharp features, left leg slightly longer than the right, Catholic.”

Dramatis Personae:

Auguste Dupin II

Lady Cassandra Dare

Maximilian Zabloski

Vincent Whitaker III



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