Rippers: Dead of Night


Episode 2 (Season 1: Return of Evil)

London, England
January, 1895


A prominent Londoner, Lord Henry Abbot recently returned from a year-long antique buying trip to Rome. On his return, he gave his ten year old son one of the many relics he brought back from Italy—a small statue of a strange looking dog.

As his father grows more distant and cold, having blamed his son for the loss of his wife Abigail, Fulton clings ever tighter to his “lion hound.” He even sleeps with it at night, drenching the antique ceremonial effigy in his tears—and calling for the legendary crocotta.

It’s up to the Rippers to save Fulton from an abusive father and put an end to the crocotta’s deadly rampage.

Dramatis Personae:

Maximilian Zabloski

Constable Robert Bobbins

Vincent Whitaker III



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