Rippers: Dead of Night

Best Served Cold

Episode 7 (Season 1: Return of Evil)

Village of Khangsar, Nepal
March, 1895


The yetis of the Himalayas were decimated by other Rippers two years ago. The shattered remnants fled the hunters and scattered to the most remote locations where they scavenged for sustenance ever since.

Now a particularly fierce yeti the locals call Bloodfang has gathered the desperate survivors and is attempting to reestablish their dominance over the locals.

Heeding a call from Bruce Morgan, a fellow Ripper, the Rippers helped defend the Himalayan village of Khangsar only to discover that Morgan and his fellow yeti hunters had been killed hours before their arrival.

Dramatis Personae:

Maximilian Zabloski

Vincent Whitaker III

Khangsar Villagers



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